All-in-one Registration Platform for In-Person & Virtual Events.

A smarter way to manage event registrations, promotions, attendees and check-ins in one place.

Core App


  • Comprehensive Safe and Secure On-Demand Food Delivery Solution by making it mandatory for Customers, Food Truck Owners & Drivers to register before they start using the mobile app!!
  • Search and explore for food trucks and get order delivery from the best at Incomparable Prices!!
  • Select Food Truck from the given list, View the complete description of Food truck and menu, either select Ordering food or Catering Services & can Customize their meals according to your wish
  • Add Food items to Shopping Cart to confirm order booking in the mobile app!!
  • View Order Booking History (Present & Past orders) in the Mobile app!!
  • Multilingual Mobile application to be provided!!
  • Multilingual Mobile application to be provided!!
  • Make any Food Truck favorite in the Mobile app!!
  • Receive various food order & delivery related notifications in the Mobile app!

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Find, Order, Pay & Deliver

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